Home Energy Audits

Where Is Your Boulder, CO or Denver, CO Area Home Losing Heat?

Find out how by scheduling a home energy audit

Level 2 home energy audits referred to by Bestway as Home Energy Assessment can pinpoint the large sources of air leaks and identify cost-saving opportunities throughout your home. Bestway Insulation can perform home energy audits using a blower door test, which involves detecting air leaks in real time using an infrared camera. We can then seal these leaks to maximize your home’s efficiency.  

Our expert energy auditor has over 15 years experience of energy audits, insulated and inspected the governor’s mansion, plus a lifetime of weatherization field experience giving you piece of mind and fidelity for your residential home. 

Energy Audits are discounted for Xcel Energy customers who use gas and electric utilities or all electric utilities. Contact 303-469-0808 now to speak with an energy auditor in Boulder, CO or Denver, CO.

Taking the guesswork out of improving your energy efficiency

Modern diagnostic technology allows us to detect concealed air leaks. After performing thorough Level 2 detailed home energy audits, we share our findings with Boulder, CO or Denver, CO area clients so they can make informed home improvement decisions.

To get the most out of your energy audit, let us know…
  • What your main concerns are
  • Where you suspect you’ve got air leaks
  • If you’re planning to apply for the Xcel Energy rebate

You must schedule air sealing services to qualify for an insulation or Whole Home Efficiency (Weatherization) rebate.

What does an energy audit cover?

We can evaluate your mechanical systems, including your…
  • Air conditioner
  • Ductwork
  • Furnace
  • Boiler
  • Combustion Appliances Zone worst case testing
We can then look at additional areas like…
  • Wall and attic insulation
  • Cantilevers
  • Knee walls
  • Large air flows
Energy Audit Add-ons: Must be specifically requested during scheduling
  • Electrical Energy audits
  • Duct Blaster Duct testing
  • Manual J load calculations (for deciding if new heating/cooling equipment is necessary with current or upgraded insulation)
  • Boroscope Inspection
  • Blower Door Testing with simple report (for code compliance such as SmartRegs).  
  • Seasonal AC Coolant

How to prepare for your site visit

We need to access your HVAC equipment, refrigerator, attic, crawl space and every room in your Boulder, CO or Denver, CO area house to perform a level 2 home energy audit. In addition, our energy auditors will need to place a blower door with a fan by your front door.

Please allow up to 3.5 hours for us to…
  • Perform a thorough energy audit
  • Answer any questions you might have about reducing energy loss
  • Analyze up to 24 months of recent utility bills for cost-saving opportunities
Why do customers perform energy audits…
  • Building/system concerns
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environment
Watch Out…
  • Energy Auditors often do not look for the big leaks
  • Worst Case Combustion Appliance Zone tests are not performed by many auditors
  • Walls are the most under evaluated & poorly evaluated measure
  • Windows and door air leaks are the smallest air leaks.  
  • History of trade work increases fidelity of energy auditor recommendations. 
blower door home energy audit