Residential Air Sealing

Why Air Sealing your home is vitally important.

Air Sealing your home

We air seal the the top plates, chases, wire penetrations, junction boxes, bath fans, and tin and heat caulk furnace flues. Then we place rulers and baffles for quality control. We use fire stop foam and fire stop caulk for this. We will not use the white foam on walls because of flammability issues (without any wind outside you could have a 10 mile an hour convection current of air moving up and down the walls.) What is prone to happen is the hot air from the attic in the summer goes down the walls and heats up the house from the inside out. Then the cold air from the attic in the winter goes down the walls and cools the house from the inside out. By properly air sealing your home with the correct insulation practices at the top plates, you can stop this waste of energy.

(Above photo) Air leakage into interior walls including plumbing or exhaust flue penetration into attic above.  Top plate air leakage present as well.

                (Above photo) Large exhaust flue chase open to the attic above.  Dropped ceilings also look similar.  Infrared picture taken on a cold day.

                                                                          (Above photo) Air movement through swamp cooler and at the top of wall.

                                         (Above photo) Air leakage under exterior door.  Install bulb type weatherstripping or change / raise threshold.

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