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By doing a blower door test and investigating air leakages using an infra-red camera, we can literally see where the worst leaks are and seal up all of them, insulating your home to the highest standards possible.

Blower Door Test & Manometer DG700 Energy Audits also known as Energy Assessments help provide you with the best ability to diagnose comfort issues and energy savings in the home.

What an Energy Audit Enables You To Do  

The audit allows hidden bypasses, air leaks to be found and then prioritized.  Instead of trying the age old game of Replacing Windows (unless you have single pane or metal frame); Air Sealing the attic, crawlspace, rim joists, major bypasses, chases (shafts) & dropped ceilings allows many of these problem areas to be addressed.  It is essential to allow our crews ability to properly insulate and seal a home to find hidden areas and take care of problems.

Most municipalities adopted energy efficient codes in September of 2016.  Homes built prior, unless energy star homes may have large leaks!   Air sealing is required now for all insulation jobs.

To Benefit most:  Tell our office what your main concerns are, what you would like to have looked at during the audit.  The audit covers basic evaluation of mechanical systems such as Furnace, AC, Ducting or Boiler.  It also covers our specialty areas of Wall Insulation, Attic Insulation, Air Leakage, Knee Walls, Cantilevers.  Or fill out what you would like on the attached form.

Utility Bill analysis helps prioritize energy savings.  Login to  Print off up to 24 months utility bills by downloading the CSV file on bottom of home page.   If you would like more accurate energy saving numbers beyond software capability, notify our auditor and he will manually calculate your prospective products.

Infrared image with Air Leakage at Top of Wall (Top Plates) above Window

The advantage of an Energy Audit is that we take the technology of Infrared Scanning with the enhancement of Blower Door air movement which allows one to see an “Xray” (IR) vision of your home.  Denver metro utility companies pay up to $200 for this energy audit.  You would only pay 40% of the cost!

An optional post IR inspection may be scheduled by our auditor to inspect the job.  Schedule when scheduling job so that we may finish the same day.

Preparing for your site visit

Please provide access to attics, crawlspaces, heating and cooling equipment, refrigerators.  All rooms may be accessed.   Blower Door with fan will be placed typically in front door.  Typically Audits run 2- 3 1/2 hours depending on home size, concerns to address & conversation length.   Homes larger than 6000 sq ft may occur additional fees.

Duct Blaster Testing

Not performed with standard audit is recommended for Boulder Rental Homes.  Over 95% of homes Will Not have ducting tight enough to qualify for Boulder’s SmartRegs rental home certification process.  We require duct sealing to be performed when we do a duct blaster test for this program.  Duct sealing performed February to September.

Home Energy Audits

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