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What is this? This is a line chart of my thermostat temps from Wed through Friday. Now keep in mind you installed the insulation on Thursday and I buttoned up the house at about 6pm on Thursday. So what is interesting here is that granted on Wed we were coming off of that awesome weather we had on Tuesday so the house didn’t fully cool down from Tue night to Wed morning. But Wed night it did get cold and the chart reflects that with how fast the house dropped in temperature. Now comes Thursday (Install day) You can see that we kicked off at 730am with the furnace starting to warm the house up for the day from around 62 in the house and by 930am we reached our set point for the day. Now the crew leaves around 530p and I closed our front door at around 6pm. This is where it gets amazing. I closed the door and the house with no help from the furnace increases its indoor temperature 2 degrees to take the house up to 70 all by itself. Our furnace kicks over to night mode around 10pm so it maintained that 70 until midnight when it finally drops 1 degree. The coldest the house got over night was down to 65, and outside it was 25. This is most impressive. So when the furnace came on this morning it only had to raise the house 3 degrees and it managed to do it rather quickly within 1 hour the house was at its set point. It will be more interesting to see how this graph does over the summer, but I thought that you would like to see some data that truly represents the benefits of upgrading your houses insulation. Looking forward to having the walls done as soon as I can get the funds. Have a great day. If you would like to use this in marketing material I have no problems with it. Oh I’d love to be able to give you a years worth of data but sadly I don’t keep it around for that period of time.
– Jason

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